Farm Raised Free Range Turkeys

Our turkeys are raised from day old poults.  They are truly free range with access to our good Virginia pastures that provide them all sorts of juicy bugs and vegetation to feed on during the day.  They have access to supplemental feed but have found that the turks end up being rather good at providing for themselves by clipping the grass and hunting bugs. All that grazing and bug eating contributes to our turkeys’ good flavor, juiciness and overall health. Consequently, our turkeys (as all other animals raised here on the farm) are hormone and antibiotic free.  I know it sounds odd to say but they taste like turkeys rather than a turkey shaped protein on the Thanksgiving Day menu.

Our turkeys are processed and readied for your oven in the days before Thanksgiving as we celebrate our Turkey Harvest Fest.  They are fresh as fresh can get and not frozen. Join us for hot cider, and other beverages around the fire pit when you pick up your bird.  Bring the kids and take some time to walk about the farm and see the other animals.

Once you have had a fresh pasture raised turkey you will never go back to a frozen supermarket special!

Enjoy the slideshow of our Turks below. Below the slideshow read some of our customer testimonials.



Holiday Turkeys are $7.00/lb, are processed fresh, cleaned and ready for your oven.  We process our birds just a day or two before cooking & are given to you refrigerated, not frozen.   This is as fresh as it gets!

Donation to Wounded Warrior Project:

In 2012 we began donating 10% of our turkey profits to charity.  Our contributions to date have been as follows.   2012: $280, 2013: $457 and 2014: $395 all to the Wounded Warrior Project.  2015: $

View some customer comments below the slideshow


Nov 22 & 23, 2016

Join us for hot cider, and beverages around the fire pit (weather permitting)  and enjoy a walk about the farm.

Thanksgiving is November 24, 2016

Reserve your bird early.   We usually sell out by October! Make your reservation today using the paypal link to the left, email us, or phone us at 703.401.4054.


It's been on my mind to email you since Thanksgiving. We so enjoyed the turkey that you raised! It was the best we ever had (better than Ayrshire!). Thank you so much for your hard work and expertise. Put us on the list for next year...   - Kerry

Our turkey was so perfect and our food-nut Mrs. Furlow was calling all her girlfriends in Louisiana raving that at the age of 70 she finally had her first fresh turkey and it was the best she'd ever had!  And would you believe she flew back home with the bag of gizzards and neck in her carry-on bag?? As she said, "Baby, I can make turkey dumplings with that to last me a month!"

Anna (and Dan), our turkey was fabulous.  Hands down, one of the best I can remember ever having.  When I first saw it, I thought, where's the plump?  But this sweet creature was loaded with tender white and dark meat and we have lots of leftovers.  There just wasn't any fat.  Amazing.  You did a wonderful job raising them, and I was so happy to have a humanely-raised bird. Thank you again for letting us have one of your turkeys, and for making sure their lives were spent decently before landing on our tables.  It means a lot to me. Happy Thanksgiving to all of your family! - Judi

Anna, I wanted to first thank you for your hospitality when I stopped by Tuesday to pick up my turkey.  Despite the rain, it was nice standing around the fire enjoying a beer (or cider) and just chatting.  Additionally, thank you for the delicious turkey!  I was able to join my family for dinner – somehow I was able to leave work before they even sat down to eat!  The turkey was delicious – you, Daniel and the girls did something right out there on your farm.  While the turkey, served hot, was delicious; it was also just as tasty on a cold turkey sandwich this afternoon.  Where you live is so magical – I have been raving about it since I visited you! Thank you again and I hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving!  Looking forward to seeing you again soon. Cheers – Emily, Sous Chef, Harth

Those turkeys were amazing! We loved them. Lots of compliments. I managed to botch the Butterball breast for my mother so she ate the white midget and was really happy with that. So now I will just get a red bourbon and a white midget every year.  I hope you had a nice holiday!  - Ali


Turkeys will be approximately 20-28 lbs; weights vary depending upon the weather, growth, and gender of turkey.
A deposit of $40 reserves your turkey. Your deposit & reservation  will be confirmed via email and a deposit receipt sent to you. Balance of turkey due upon pick up.   Turkeys are $7/lb.

If you have any questions; feel free to email or call 703.401.4054