Berkshire Pigs

Berkshire Pigs

The Berkshire Pig is a heritage breed animal.  They are known
to be a hardy sort with good mothering capabilities and perform well as pasture grazers.    They are known for their darker more flavorful meat and are considered a “gourmet” item.  Berkshire’s marble well so the meat is naturally very juicy and flavorful with exceptional texture.  We have 3 Berkshire females Phoebe, Lola and Martha. Our Berkshire sows are registered with the American Berkshire Association.  

As you will see from the slideshow collection of photos below; our pigs live outside with fresh air, grass, trees, mud and all that living outdoors has to offer.  In many of our photos you will notice that the pigs seem to be smiling. 

We originally had a Berkshire boar, Winston, who was a fantastic specimen, but unfortunately he did not fancy the ladies.  Once it was clear he was not going to get the job done, we altered plans and let our Large Black Hog Boar, Stubs do the clean up.  The result was lots of little black-shire piglets who are also featured below.  These piglets are raised for pork.  Stubs “retired” in early 2012. Leaving us with our last litters of Blackshires in the spring of 2012.

We continued to search for a Berkshire Boar that could serve as a mate to Phoebe, Lola and Martha.  Finally, in mid December of 2012 we found Murray.  He is pictured below in the slideshow and to the right.  Murray, at two years old has grown so large (probably 650 - 700 lbs or so) that his duties as a father no longer come so easily.    Murray, like Stubs and Winston before him will “retire” autumn of 2014.  It is typical for a boar to be useful for only 2 years time.    Likewise; Phoebe, Lola and Martha are aging and not producing as they should and their responsibilities of being a mothers they do not take as seriously anymore.  They too will retire before the end of 2014.  We will start fresh with our most recent litters.   Please contact us if you would like additional information about our upcoming Berkshire litters or pork.  

We have pork readily available for sale, can sell whole or 1/2 pigs, and can also do pigs for pig roasts.  Please check out our Practically Country Pork Page for pork availability and pricing.  You can also find our pork at various restaurants here in Virginia and DC.